Dialectic continues support for Marine Corps Command

  • May 30, 2020

    Dialectic continues support for Marine Corps Command

    Focus on Campaign Planning


    Carson City, Nevada: Dialectic Simulations Consulting, LLC continues to support the Marine Corps as a subcontractor, building upon its work from the previous year. In this phase of the effort, Dialectic personnel support with campaign planning and analysis relating to quality. The supported command is mainly centered in the southeastern United States with a global footprint of nearly 4,000 military, civilian, and contracted personnel. The command provides products and services to the Marine Corps and Department of Defense partners.


    About Dialectic Simulations Consulting, LLC: Dialectic is a provider of consulting services specializing in systems thinking, system dynamics simulations, and performance improvement methods, including Lean Six Sigma and Agile. Its founder, Timothy Clancy, is the former Chief Methodologist of Lean Six Sigma and Agile for IBM and an industry-recognized expert in performance improvement methods for large complex organizations. He is also a published system scientist focusing on the use of simulations to understand the violence and instability of non-state actors.


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