Who We Serve

Private Sector

Navigating ever increasing global, regional, and national complexities requires new ways of thinking about strategy over time. We partner with executives such as:

  • Executives facing substantial change in their industry who need a method for their teams and managers sophisticated enough to equip them for navigating the change without always relying on technology or advanced degrees.
  • An executive team/board is looking for a new approach for strategy development.
  • An Operations Director has been assigned a special-study project to assess a perceived problem in the business; he or she needs a framework for assessment, delivery of results, and a plan for remedy.
  • Learning and Development Director is seeking continuing development for teams and leaders related to assessing and solving complex problems.
  • Leadership development through personalized training and coaching.

Both Lean Six Sigma and Agile specify “systems thinking” as a core prinicple of the method, but frequently lack practical, useful tools to accomplish this. We can integrate Structured Systems Thinking into existing deployments without the need to abandon or alter existing efforts.

  • CPI lead in an organization is seeking ongoing education and development for their Green Belts, Black Belts, and Master Black Belts.
  • A Regional Manufacturing Director is seeking a reliable process and toolkit to apply to various continuous improvement projects.
  • Enterprises considering deploying Lean Six Sigma, Agile or other methods want a better understanding of what drives sustainability and avoids “flavor of the month” failed transformations.


The proliferation of advanced analytics, AI, big data, and cloud computing can drown teams and leaders in “insights”, “observations”, and “key parameters.”  We help put that data into meaningful context and show how different findings relate and interact with another. Our clients in this space include:

  • Data Scientists challenged to create performance dashboards but unsure how findings from different sources relate and interact with one another to produce firm results.
  • Leaders looking to translate complicated but necessary insights into a format accessible and actionable to their professional teams who may not have a background in mathematics or engineering.
  • Technical leaders looking to push the envelope by creating detailed simulations using the science of system dynamics.


Public Sector

We have over 10 years experience working in the Department of Defense, Military Commands, and related agencies.  We have supported mission-centric organizations domestically, overseas, and in austere & hazardous environments. Our typical partners in the DoD are:

  • SES/General Officer level leaders trying to understand how all the pieces fit together and manage the complexity of their agencies & commands.
  • Lean Six Sigma Deployment Champions looking for stronger, more accessible tools, for delivering “systems thinking” as required by DoD & Service Branch CPI Guidance.
  • Operational Planners in Major Combatant Commands seeking to better understand, forecast, and educate about asymmetric threats.

We understand navigating complex environments of service beneficiaries, indsutry partners, and other community stakeholders all while trying to be good stewards of taxpayer funds. Our partners in civilian government agencies:

  • Seeking to transition from product-centric to customer-centric organizational structures and customer-experience strategies in governmental services.
  • Have existing Lean Six Sigma Deployment programs in place and seeking continuing education and enhancement of Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt capabilities.
  • Desire stronger tools for policy development, analysis, and forecasting of potential scenarios.

We have access through a partner to the GSA Professional Services Schedule (GSA/PSS). We also are proud of our partnerships with a Women Owned Small Businesses (WOSB) and 8-A who have proven track records of delivery excellence.

Event Planners and Conference Organizers

We work closely with event planners in a variety of firms and environments to schedule high quality, insightful, and entertaining speaking engagements. We are ideal for professional audiences, business-related graduate students, startups, or association events. We offer a variety of topics that can be customized based on pre-event surveys to specifically address the pain points or interest areas of your audience. We also offer pre- and post- event webinars, video promotion, as well as VIP access -whatever it takes to make your event a success.